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Private Small Business Coaching & Consulting for Micro-to-Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Owner/Operators, Contractors, Startups

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Specifically geared for Small Business

While running your own business can be very rewarding, there’s no denying that it can be very demanding and stressful as well. When you work with us, you’ll have someone in your corner who can assist you through the challenges and serve as a source of experience and business consulting that you can rely on. Along with improving the operation and growth of your business, we will ease some of your stress and make your journey easier and more enjoyable – armed with the knowledge you need.

Hosted by Founder & CEO, Kim Hornsby

This is your opportunity to work alongside the Founder of Singletrack and many other successful small businesses. Kim will help entrepreneurs and owners define goals, polish your vision for your business, and set in place a series of business consulting strategies that will help you make your dream a reality. At age 42 Kim left the corporate world and set out to build a Small Business around a lifestyle of Mountain living. She built a financially successful ….

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Expert coaching on the topics you care about

Talk through your real world problems – and solutions. We will discuss topics including but not limited to: creating more efficient process, small business software, business entities & structures, establishing goals, formulating strategy, budgeting, saving for the future, refining your niche, identifying your ideal customer, marketing & networking channels, managing your day, brainstorming, creating action plans, providing models & examples, staying healthy and inspired

“What can you do for me?”

  • Kim will provide advice on how to operate & grow your company with limited resources, personalized for your unique circumstances

  • You will learn learn skills that will make your business more organized and your days feel more in control

  • Kim will help you determine your vision and goals for your business and life, and help you layout a plan to achieve them

  • You will gain an enlightened understanding of your Business entity & how taxes work

  • Kim will eliminate that overwhelmed feeling from “app overload” and help you navigate software options for getting paid faster, making bookkeeping easier, customer relationship management and more

  • You will come away with greater knowledge, confidence and motivation to live the life you envision

3 Month Coaching & Consulting Package

  • 2 Zoom Meetings each month, recorded and provided to you
  • Private Client Slack Channel with 24×7 support
  • Direct Access to Founder and Small Business Expert, Kim Hornsby
  • Access to eBooks & Resources

Note: Private Client Business Coaching and Consulting does not include Tax Planning, Tax filing, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, or CFO services: these services are available separately

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