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The app ecosystem has exploded and it’s not all consumer apps like Venmo and Instagram. Business specific productivity apps have been popping up everywhere. Last year alone there were over 600 QuickBooks Online add-on apps listed at This year that number is expected to double. Even we experience A.O.S: App Overload Syndrome from all the context switching. That said, there are a few apps that are worlds apart from the rest. These best apps on the planet are (drumroll):


This is the app that anyone with employees needs and should be using. Why? Let me count the ways…

1- it is extremely low cost: 2-99 users is currently priced at $4 per user per month plus a $16 base fee.2- it turns nightmarish 18th-century paper timesheets into usable electronic data; bill customers, track job labor costs, and transfer notes with a click or two.
3- it puts GPS tracking on clocked in mobile employees.. no more arguments about how much time they spent at McDonald’s.
4- paper timesheets do not win legal battles, electronic ones do.

If you compare the very low cost of the app with the number of hours that you’re spending on paper timesheets, entering hours into payroll, copying notes and billing charges to customers, you might even make money with this switch! We’ve chosen 3 or 4 core apps that we work with…this is #1. The bonus is that as great as it is, TSheets customer service is even better. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

Best. Quickbooks. App. Ever.


Developer on Slack messaging app

We’re not sure how any business with more than 1 person can even operate without Slack. Every team should take advantage of this app.

1- Have you ever searched your email for multiple precious minutes trying to find a certain conversation? Document and search conversations all in Slack. Slack makes searching their database seamless saving you loads of time.
2- Slack has many integrations including Google Drive. Share Google Drive files and links. You’ll be able to preview files, manage access to documents, get notified about and reply to comments, and see when new files are shared with you. Slack becomes your business’s central point of notifications when connected with integrations.
3- Create reminders and to-do lists.
4- The best of all – stop clogging your inbox. We’ve all been there. A long list of emails with short answers. Slack is set up as a chat. You can even reply within threads so you don’t have a long string of messages with quick answers.

Slack makes communicating easy and fun while being extremely functional.

Best. Chat. App. Ever.


This app is for you grammar police. But in reality, grammar is important in establishing yourself as a professional and you should pay attention to this app.

1- Grammarly automatically detects potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in writing.
2- Install the Grammarly extension on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge and grammar mistakes light up on your screen as you’re typing.
3- Copy and paste writing into the Grammarly’s online app and the algorithm will flag potential issues such as punctuation, wordiness, spelling and usage, and even plagiarism.
4- It works on mobile! Install it on your phone and have confidence that everything you write is mistake-free.

Move fast and Grammarly has your back.

Best. Grammar. App. Ever.

Google Drive

The two big storage apps are Google Drive and Dropbox. While Dropbox is still the 800 lb gorilla in the storage space, Google Drive is catching up quickly for good reason.

1- It’s in the cloud. Rest easy knowing you can access your information on any device, at any location, at any time.
2- Users can upload and download any file and easily share it with team members which makes it great for collaboration. Folders make things organized and its all very searchable from the web.
3- Google drive integrates with the rest of the Google ecosystem. Even better – Google Drive integrates with Slack!
4- 15GB of free storage. That’s a LOT of free storage. Store files, backup photos and videos, save email attachments, and more. Rest easy knowing that if you run out of your free storage, an additional 100GB of storage only costs $1.99.

The ease of sharing, price of storage, and integrations make this app invaluable.

Best. Storage. App. Ever.


Trello app task board

Work collaboratively and get more done with Trello – a sophisticated to-do list.

1- Create boards, lists, and cards that enable you to organize to-do items and notes in an extremely organized way.
2- Work with any team. Invite users to your Trello boards from anywhere and work together on the lists.
3- Information at a glance. Add attachments, comments, due dates, and tag and mention team members on any card.
4- Stay in sync on any device whether you are relaxing on a beach or skiing in the mountains.

While Trello is extremely useful in the workplace, you can use Trello to organize just about anything, even your entire life.

Best. To-Do List. App. Ever.

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