We constantly talk about how businesses and entrepreneurs can be better. This includes how to run your business better, how to run your accounting better, how to have more motivation, and more. We rarely take a moment to stop and congratulate ourselves on all the accomplishments we have achieved. We are alive and we are reading this right now. To live a fulfilling and accomplished life, we must stop and take a moment to celebrate our wins. In this post, we take a break from giving you entrepreneurial advice and give you ways to truly celebrate your successes big and small. And remember, the biggest success is that you are alive right now. Let’s take a moment to learn tangible ways you can celebrate.

Focus on YOU

Girl and dog hiking

When was the last time you truly treated yourself? It’s time to pat yourself on the back for surviving the last year still intact. You spend so much time on your business and your team that it can be hard to take a step back, see the whole picture, and do something for yourself. Practice some self-love. This can come in all forms such as taking a walk without distraction, getting a massage or treating yourself to a vacation. Without your mental health, it’s hard to be successful in other areas of your life. You can’t recharge a dead battery. Take care of yourself and stay ahead of potential burnout.

Get Outside


Nature is healing. By spending as little as 20 minutes outdoors can greatly improve your mood. Go for a hike, a bike ride, get on the river, or simply lay in the grass and practice deep breathing. Sometimes your best ideas come at the moments you least expect them to. Whatever your favorite connection to nature is, soak it in. Not only will it improve your mood but it will also help you feel energized in other areas of your life such as running your business.

Get Out on the Town

Friends by the pool

Step out into the world and have a night out. Support local businesses by going out to dinner, see a concert, or accept that barbeque invitation you have not been able to do the last year. Invite a few friends! Being social greatly improves your health and longevity and is an integral part of living a happy and fulfilled life. Celebrate your successes while you’re out! Make a toast to your wins or to simply being alive. Laughter is contagious.

Push Your Comfort Zone

Hiking a Colorado Fourteener

Photo Credit: Outthere Colorado

Do something that scares you. When you stick in your comfort zone, your brain does not want to change. By stepping out, you create good stress that ramps up your creativity, focus, and enthusiasm. It may seem counterintuitive that we are trying to increase stress in a self-love article, but by doing this your body will create cortisol which has an energizing, and then calming effect. This is perfect for when you do return to full focus in the office! Some examples can be as extreme as skydiving, as challenging as learning how to surf, or as scary as finally taking that aerial yoga class you have been considering. Whatever it is, make sure you’re uncomfortable. You’ll prove to your mind that you can achieve things you thought may be impossible.


By celebrating these wins, it will help you achieve your goals. As humans, we tend to see the problems and punish ourselves for them which over time can result in a negative mindset and put us farther away from our goals. Flip the switch friends! By celebrating your successes even if that means we are here to live another day, that’s where the magic happens.

At Singletrack Accounting, remind ourselves to celebrate our wins. Our favorite ways to celebrate are to get on the river, go camping, take a bike ride, or simply get outside into nature. We know small businesses and we also know the pressure of running small businesses. We are here to help with your accounting and small business coaching. Reach out for a free consultation.

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